Where to Buy!

Store LogosAbove are the banners of many of our valued retail partners.  If you visit a store that is listed below but they don’t currently carry Sneaky Pete’s please inquire with the store manager or request that they start carrying our Oatstanding Beverage.

Store manager request form: Sneaky Online Store Request Form

For your convenience you can purchase the products online with FREE shipping until your local retailer starts to carry Sneaky Pete’s Oatstanding Beverage!

  • terpek


    Congratulations, I knew you had the determination to pull this off. Outstanding graphics, copy, and website. I can only assume Sneaky Petes is as fantastic. Can I purchase this at the Shoprite in Branchburg or Wegmans in Bridgewater?

    Good luck and much success, you deserve it!


  • richard

    i live in michigan and can’t find a place to buy your products. how
    about over the internet?

    • http://sneaky1 Laura

      You can find us on the shelf in Michigan when shopping at Meijer’s and Hiller’s. We are also available at many other smaller markets.
      As always, you can purchase our delicious beverages online by the case and shipping is FREE! Click here for our secure shopping cart http://www.oatstandingbeverage.com

    • Tania

      Amazon has all the flavors and in bulks too

      • Mel

        They are cheaper than Amazon if you buy them from the Sneaky Petes online store.

  • Anne

    Your web page on where to buy is messed up.

    • http://sneaky1 Laura

      We are currently having issues with our store locator when using the Internet Explorer web browser and are in the process of correcting the problem. What area are you in? We will be happy to let you know what local store carries Sneaky Pete’s.

  • Tania

    i saw an add for this drink on a beauty magazine and i ordered a pack of 12 on amazon. Can’t wait to try it!!

    • http://sneaky1 Laura

      Thanks for your order Tania! Be sure to sign up as a VIP on our website to receive online discount codes and FREE shipping! We look forward to being available in a store near you very soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MeghanB007 Meghan O-Behave

    Hamilton nj. Where can I find a store which carries this phenomenal product?

    • http://sneaky1 Laura

      Thanks for the thumbs up Meghan! You can find us in ShopRite, Kings and Wegman’s in New Jersey. More stores coming soon!

  • Lorna Joy.

    hello I live in New Rochelle New York and I purchase your drink at shoprite super market in Bed ford Hills very nice drink , but I went back to the store to buy some more and I was told they no longer carry this items . So where can I get this drink to buy.?

    • http://sneaky1 Laura

      You will also be able to find us in Stew Leonard’s Yonkers location! More stores being added each week :)

  • Jeanelle

    I buy my sneaky petes at Heartland Market place in Westland, Michigan at Ford Rd and Wildwood

  • mim

    boston mass- where is sneaky pete’s hiding here?

    • mim

      what if i dont want to purchase on line, but try one or a couple of the flavors…

    • Nicole Monaghan

      I found them at ocean state job lots in Medway MA

  • Eric Brakke fan

    I agree currently only found at IGA / Milford Grocery in Milford MI and it was limited supply. Come on Sneaky Pete – Michigan needs your fiber!

  • kathryn

    the best stuff. yummy in my tummy

  • Andrw

    am posted in italy just now wish i could find my SPB over here amazing drink come guy ask spars to stock it for you there world wide

  • a. muniz

    I tried all your flavors and I love them and the fact that they are only 40 calories is Super…. great product

  • Kelsey

    I got coupons at the Run For Your Life 5K in Medford, NJ and she told me to go to shoprite, but they weren’t there. Where can I go?

    • Tina

      I tired all the shoprites in Bergen County and I saw none available.

      • http://sneaky1 Laura

        Did you try the Ramsey location? We do regular product demos at that store.

  • Nicole Monaghan

    Love the grape flavour so refreshing and only 40 calories hurrah!

  • ScottK

    I live in Butler – can you drop some Raspberry at my house? Just kidding. Can I pick up a case from your office, though?

  • Joelene Ammoscato

    I just bought some at shoprite in Freehold, NJ. It was in the water aisle. hope that helps.

  • boo

    vitamin shoppe’s website is the cheapest. they have peach and apple-cases of 12 bottles.

  • boo

    oh-I forgot–this stuff rocks! it’s not a waste of calories! the flavors are great.

  • Helpp

    I found it in meijer and can’t find it anymore..why ?

  • Verdeni

    You should look into expanding to Canada! Verrrry interested here, would definitely buy 12 bottle biweekly.

  • Brenda

    I tried the online store link, but didn’t get to an online store. Any Ideas? I would love to buy this product direct.

  • Ty

    The only place where I can try them would be Rouses. Why not Winn Dixie? It’s closer for us. We have 2 Winn Dixies closer to us than Rouses. Even Wal Mart would be helpful.