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His piercing blue eyes and silvery white hair always warmed my heart and gave me an enormous sense of security and love. “Pop,” as he was known, was Pete’s grandfather, a kind hearted gentleman. Pop held strong, old school values and traditional views but lived a healthy lifestyle that belied his “old world” roots and orientation. Pop made fabulous home cooked meals that came from the deepest secrets passed on from his dad and family recipe treasures.

Often, Pop and “Little Pete” would spend time in Pop’s garden, a place where Pop regaled Pete with stories of the “Great Depression” and the hardscrabble ways in which people dealt with tough economic conditions. As with so many people growing up in the depression era, Pete’s grandfather found creative and clever ways to do more with less. On one hot summer New Jersey day after coming out of the garden together, Little Pete and Pop entered the kitchen where Pop proceeded to make a refreshing, oat based beverage and serve it to his grandson. Pop made this recipe out of oatmeal, ice cold well water, some cheese cloth, a few “secret ingredients,” and a large glass pitcher. Little did Pop know, but Little Pete would remember those warm summer days, and the beverage he experienced as a kid, would soon be commercialized and introduced to consumers everywhere.

Today, Pete Stilianessis has perfected Pop’s recipe and found clever and “sneaky” ways to put wholeness and great health into a great tasting beverage. He is leading a health revolution with Sneaky Pete’s, a delicious all natural oat beverage. In order to commercialize his product, Pete decided to share this secret with people around the country. Sneaky Pete’s is “sneaking” the finest ingredients into a wholesome great tasting beverage.

Sneaky Pete’s makes fiber fun! It is the first soluble oat beverage of its kind, low in calories, and made with pure cane sugar, which provides adults and children a heart healthy great tasting beverage, which equates to eating an entire bowl of oatmeal. With three grams of oat fiber, and no artificial colors or flavors, Sneaky Pete’s is the pioneer in the emerging oat grain beverage category. Most consumers understand that fiber is good for them and that they should increase their fiber intake for better heart and digestive health, but many forms of oats are not convenient to consume, and many products are not great tasting.

Thanks to Pop, Pete Stilianessis has created a product based on a 100 + year old family recipe, which at long last provides a great tasting way for adults and children to enjoy fiber. As Pete says, “the average adult struggles to get the minimum recommended daily fiber and seniors need increasing amounts of fiber in their diets to enhance digestive health, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well.” Pete also adds, “Adults don’t just drink it for the taste, but kids do!