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Who is Sneaky Pete?
Pete is a kind-hearted little rascal who is on a mission to share his delicious heart-healthy beverages with everyone he meets.

How did Sneaky Pete get his nickname?
It all started a couple of generations ago.  Pete’s grandfather “Pop” would secretly brew his delicious oat based beverages for his family to enjoy.  But grandfather was not alone!  Little Pete would sneak into the workroom and observe the hidden formulation.  One day grandfather caught Pete quietly sliding into the workroom and playfully called him “Sneaky Pete.”

From that day on Sneaky Pete’s grandfather taught him the healthy aspects of his recipe and the knowledge of the delicious fruit juices…they were actually brewed with oats.  Grandfather shared his love of brewing delicious beverages, but more importantly his passion for being a little “sneaky” himself and sharing heart-healthy fiber drinks with his family and friends.

What does that mean for you?
Luckily, NOW Sneaky Pete is bringing his delicious oat-based beverages to you!  Not only are they heart-healthy and have oatstanding nutritional value, they are delicious, too!

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